Website Service Behavior Policy

The mission of this team is to build and maintain a highly functional website that provides a wealth of information and resources to those that are seeking it.

To that end, it is the expectation that all team members, regardless of role, treat others with respect and behave professionally when engaging in website-related business.

Any behavior that is threatening, abusive, non-inclusive or discriminatory may result in an immediate revocation of content submission/moderation privileges from the website. Extreme or repeated violations may result in a complete user ban from the website.

Any behavior that detracts from the collaborative and cooperative nature of this team may also result in an immediate revocation of content submission/moderation privileges from the website.

These behaviors include but are not limited to:

  • being disruptive during workshops and website-related meetings, including non-participation
  • condescending or dismissive language about other’s work, opinions, or ideas
  • submission of inappropriate content
  • unwarranted editing of other’s content without proper discussion and agreement

Lack of activity (no login or content submissions) over a period of six (6) months or longer may result in revocation of any elevated privileges, unless such privileges are assigned by virtue of role.

To maintain the security of the website, integrity of the data contained within the database, and to identify unauthorized changes, all changes to this website are logged in an Audit Trail and attributed to the user making the change. By submitting changes to this website, you agree to this activity monitoring and logging.

All website volunteers will be subject to this policy. Under no circumstances, will an individual be exempt from this policy by virtue of any other role served within Tri-County Center, Inc.

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