Board of Trustees

Tri-County Center, Inc. is managed on a day-to-day basis by a Board of Trustees. This Board is elected directly by the Membership Counsel in an annual election for four (4) of eight (8) unpaid positions annually. This ensures that new Trustees serve the first half of their tenure with experienced Trustees. Candidates must have two (2) years of sobriety and be nominated by the Nominating Committee prior to being placed on the ballad.

One of the Board’s many responsibilities is to hire and manage the activities of the Property Manager.

This Board holds monthly meetings and makes decisions on the day-to-day operation of the Center. These meetings occur on the 2nd Monday of every month and are open only to elected Trustees, the Membership Counsel Liaison, and any other persons invited by the Board to present information. While the Board is open to granting time to speak at these meetings to the Membership at large, such grants must be made ahead of time. Please contact a Trustee to arrange this.

Upcoming Board Meetings

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