“Every A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.”

7th Tradition of Alcoholics Anonymous

This means that only members donate to the organization. That being said, as a Member, you have a variety of ways to donate. These donations help to keep homegroups functioning, the Center to defray operating expenses, and some of your donations go to Alcoholics Anonymous.

Below are the various options and where your money goes:

Meeting Donations:

Meeting donations are the cash and change that go into the basket that is passed around at meetings. If you are able, this is the most convenient way to give. Depending on whether the meeting you are attending is a homegroup meeting or not, your donations are split in different ways.

Center Donations:

The Center is self-supporting through Member contributions. Aside from meeting donations, there are a variety of other ways to support the Center financially.

Coffee Bar – We are able to accept cash, checks, and credit/debit cards at the Coffee Bar. In addition, we have a variety of affordably priced items for sale, including drinks/snacks, AA literature/coins, and some other basic items. All proceeds from these sales go to benefit the Center and are a big part of what keeps the doors open. Simply buying a coffee or water before a meeting is a great way to ensure that the Center is around for years to come.

Corker Club – The Corker’s Club is a group of individual Members that have committed to contribute to the Center on a regular (weekly, monthly, annual) basis. These Members’ contributions play a crucial role in providing the Center with a consistent source of donations.

Events – Center Events will often accept donations. Additionally, food may be provided at a nominal cost. Some events may also have 50/50 or giveaway raffles. Proceeds from participation in Center Events benefit the Center exclusively. These events are part of what makes the Center such a great place. In the case of Community Events, please contact the Event Organizer regarding donations and proceeds.

Online – At this time, we do not have a way to accept donations online. This is a high-priority development feature, however. We hope to have this service available shortly.

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