Service Work

Service work is a very important part of recovery. We encourage everyone to get involved in their own way. Here are just a few ways that you can become involved and give back to the A.A. Fellowship.

Chair a meeting

Show up early and grab the big chair! With great power comes great responsibility…

If you can handle it and meet our minimum sobriety requirement of 6 months, this is a great and easy way to give back to the fellowship and add some service work to your meeting attendance.

Coffee Bar

Our Coffee Bar is in near-constant need of volunteer help. Vacancies tend to fill fairly quickly, however, and we require a minimum of # weeks of sobriety. This is a fantastic service work opportunity and allows you to meet a lot of people and build strong connections in the Fellowship!

Speak to Rob (Property Manager) for more information about this service work.

Event Volunteer

Behind every event hosted by the center is a group of service work volunteers that make it happen. Events posted on this site will list all assistance that will be needed to facilitate the event. It is the responsibility of the individual event coordinator to also coordinate all volunteer service work accordingly. Contact the event coordinator directly for information. Please do not contact the venue hosting community events as these may or may not be directly affiliated.

Membership Counsel and Board of Trustees

All individuals that express a desire to stop drinking and regularly participate in the activities (meetings, events, service work) of the Center are considered to be Members of Tri-County Center. All Members are allowed to attend the quarterly Membership Council meetings.

Participation by members in these meetings is critically important to shaping the future of the center. Attendance and participation in the discussions is strongly encouraged for everyone. All Members with a year plus of sobriety are allowed to vote.

Finally, Members with two or more years of sobriety are eligible to run for the Board of Trustees during our annual election. Four Members are elected in alternating years for a total of eight seats.

Other Opportunities

There are many other service work opportunities whether related to the Center or other groups in the area. Simply showing up to meetings early and speaking to the newcomer can be a critical part of your own recovery journey. Speak to others in the Fellowship and see what they do to stay involved.

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