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Effective Immediately, children under the age of 16 are no longer allowed on Tri County Center property until further notice.  This decision was a directive from the Hamilton County Board of Health. 

Further, we need to maintain 6 feet of distance from other people at all times.  6 feet is left to right AND front to back.  This applies during the meeting, before and after the meeting, inside and outside the buildings.  This also must be followed by everyone including couples who live together.  This way, when a representative from the county makes an unannounced spot check visit, what they will see is our members adhering to the directive from the governor’s office.

It is ok for us to have a meeting of 10 people in the carpeted room with the wall shut, another meeting of 10 people in the ballroom and a meeting of 10 people in the Old Building.  This means that our capacity in meeting rooms is a total of 30.  If weather permits, we can also have a small group of 5 meeting at the picnic tables behind the building.

Keep washing hands, volunteering to disinfect tables, chairs, door handles, light switches, books, etc. after every meeting.  Keep sanitizing frequently. 

As we have stated before, Tri County Center reserves the right to send anyone home for appearing to be sick, for refusing to follow the rules, etc. There are other alcoholics counting on you. Please be part of the solution. 

Welcome to Tri-County Center, Inc., located in Sharonville, Ohio. We provide meeting space for over 55 meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous per week at our facility, and also provide space for Al-Anon.

We have a coffee bar which offers coffee, of course, along with soda pops, iced teas, energy drinks, candy and snacks. Also at the coffee bar, we offer books and pamphlets of Alcoholics Anonymous and anniversary coins. The coffee bar area offers free Wi-Fi. Sorry but no pets allowed on premises and no children, under the age of 16, are allowed on property after 7:00pm.

Our hours are applicable to every day of the year including holidays.


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